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Nuit Blanche 2016

Private, adj: concerning, involving, or affecting a particular person or group of people apart from the general community; individual or personal, rather than communal or shared. Public, adj: done, perceived, or existing in open view.   For my inaugural post to DON’T PANIC! I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than to write about Toronto’s Nuit […]

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It’s the final countdown! Da nah nah naaah, da nah nah nah naaaaah!

First, my apologies for my lengthy absence from this blog. A week and a bit ago symptoms of what I’m pretty sure turned out to be the plague set in, and I wound up retreating to my parents’ place so I could have people wait on me while I convalesced (and by “wait on me” I […]

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Field Trip Friday: Part Uno.

One of the cool things about the second semester of Trent’s Public Texts program is that on the occasional Friday, we get to go on field trips. This past Friday (…yesterday) we boarded our magical bus and made our way to Toronto. First stop: the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library, an absolute must-see for book lovers […]

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