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Controlling the Narrative in Dionne Brand’s “What We All Long For”

As part of our English Public Texts reading course entitled “Marginal Notations: Writing the Margins of the 21st Century” each of us will be writing a short blog post about one of the readings we cover in the course. I (Ross Chiasson) will focus on Dionne Brand’s 2005 novel What We All Long For. One […]

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This is what happens when you let me mould minds:

Remember that post I did a while back, on sketching out my lesson plan for teaching Othello to my first year English students, where if they chose to do a bonus assignment that creatively and critically analysed the play and/or its characters I’d tack on up to 20% to their lowest grade so far (makes for […]

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Shakespeare got to get paid, son.

When I told my ENGL 1000 students that the next work we’d be studying was Shakespeare’s Othello, the looks they gave me were… chilling. They might as well have been O himself after hearing that his sweet loving Desi had been a lil’ bit TOO sweet and loving, if ya know what mean. Here’s the thing: […]

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