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Ten Books You May Have Missed in 2016

What follows is a fact so obvious it probably doesn’t need to be said but I’m going to say it anyway: There is too much content being produced to watch/read/play/listen to everything. Whether you only have an hour or two a week free or you’re simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of possible content, it’s […]

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“Don’t Panic!” is back and we’re ready to start thinking! The school year is already underway, and the blog is about to get back into action. We’re reading new books, discussing new ideas, and using new media to discover more about the nature of public texts and understand it in the context of our world. […]

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All My Friends Are Superheroes

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you wake up just feeling… off, and it takes all of your will power to leave your comfy warm bed and face a day that already is off to a bad start. That happened to me this morning; I didn’t get enough sleep last night, for which I partly blame my […]

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