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Let the Masses Go!

Last week, in the Public Texts core course, we discussed deception and manipulation in mass culture. Horkheimer and Adorno, in their essay on “The Culture Industry” critique mass culture because, they claim, it discourages the mass audience to think critically. Instead, audiences are deceived into passively accepting standardized forms of mass culture that reinforce the […]

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How to spend Reading Week (Public Texts Style!)

If you’re reading this, congratulations; you’ve made it to reading week! Act fast and you can YOLO the heck out of this 5 day prison break. Move slow and you run the risk of actually reading. We’re hoping you’re on a beach, slope or cruise-deck somewhere, but if you couldn’t get out, have no fear; […]

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Blogosphere: Meet Michael

Meet Dr. Michael Morse, professor by day, jazzman by night: 1)    So what has been keeping you busy lately? Music (playing bass with Biff Hannon and practicing to keep up); scholarship (preparing and delivering a paper on Adorno & analysis for NYU’s School of the Visual Arts grad program; trip to NYC with my wonderful […]

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