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All submissions should be emailed to the editor at

Who should contribute to DON’T PANIC?

  • Masters and Ph.D. students at Trent
  • Students considering graduate studies at Trent
  • Fourth year students involved in faculty research projects, or community-building projects or organizations that include graduate students
  • Graduate Alumni
  • Guests of Trent
  • Graduate Faculty
  • Students who can provide relevant content and would like to improve their resumés by contributing to a university publication

What sort of content is right for DON’T PANIC? Whether you’re unclear about whether your ideas are suited for this publication, or you are simply short on inspiration, check out some ideas below.

Do you already have something written, or maybe just some rock-awesome ideas? Check out the Editorial and Submission Guidelines below:

Editorial Guidelines:

  • The blog can be informal in tone, but polished work is expected. The editor may make changes to improve grammar and spelling and language-appropriateness, but will not make any substantive changes unless there are potential legal implications. In such cases, the editor will consult you.
  • The editor will post the entry to the blog. The contributor will be credited as requested.
  • Contributions must be in keeping with the spirit of the Mission Statement, which can be found on the About page.
  • The editor reserves the right to refuse contributions or request revisions to meet all guidelines.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Anything over 500 words must be pitched to the editor first. If approved, these may be considered “features.” However, you are encouraged to pitch ideas for shorter entries before writing them also.
  • Proposals can be written or oral, are conversational in nature, and need not be formal. They must, however, be clear, honest, and comprehensive.
  • Features must, in most cases, be discussed with the editor ahead of time. They are often more than 500 words and include compelling images. They may be collaborative projects. The editor may be able to help writers find photographers and vice versa.
  • Proposals may be submitted for columns or other regular features. Please include at least five topics that you would use for your first few posts.
  • Entries must not contain content that could be considered libel or slander. Often, this can be avoided by being constructive. For example: It would be better to write an entry highlighting some great restaurants that accommodate students than to write one discussing restaurants you don’t like.
  • Entries must include links to all online resources used. Print resources must be acknowledged also.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • All contributions, written or otherwise, should include your name as you would like to see it credited.
  • Photographic and artistic contributions are welcomed. All rights to authorize the publication of photographs and artwork that you submit must be owned. Waivers must be signed for use of photographs depicting people.


This is a space for ideas for blog content to be shared and ultimately realized. Anything you see here needs to be written up (or drawn, or photographed, or…), and you may be just the person to do it.

If you have ideas for what you’d like to see on the blog, email the editor at gradblog01 {at} trentu {dot} ca and – provided they are appropriate – they will be added to the mix. Share and enjoy!

Stuff to Write (or turn into a multimedia project):

  • Your experiences working with faculty and other students on research projects
  • Experiences with organizations in the community or with clubs and groups
  • Internship/job search tips, stories, etc
  • Continuing the discussions started by other Trent publications such as Trent Radio, Arthur, Absynthe, or Showcase
  • What have you been reading on your own time? How has it connected with your research or coursework in interesting or surprising ways?
  • Spotlights on a favourite TA, professor, Aramark employee, secretary, etc.
  • Info about your research projects
  • Interviews
  • Coverage of field trips, speakers, etc.
  • Your fiction or poetry

Photos, video, audio, and more!

  • Photos relevant to the graduate experience at Trent
  • Artwork related to Trent, the Peterborough community, grad studies, or topics that are being studied and researched at Trent, or any artwork created by graduate students on a variety of topics
  • Showcasing the Peterborough arts and entertainment scene

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