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That Awkward Moment when the Dress Broke the Internet… and Proved a Point!

So what color do you think #TheDress is? Unless you have been living under a rock since Thursday evening, you know about the infamous black-and-blue (or white-and-gold) dress that whipped its way across social media in the span of a few hours. That very evening, this optical illusion was featured in news articles, science experiments were […]

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This time of year (off my chest)

Using  memes, I intend to show you an accurate narrative of what is really going on: This happens: A little of this too: You keep telling yourself this: Yet, you know it is really all about this: And this: By May it might be like this: Or this: Or even this: Sorry, but I had to […]

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The Meme is the Message

I’ll begin with this: Oh, and this: And this touch of brilliance too: I have just finished marking my last load of first-year papers and decided that I may have to buy stronger coffee [Editor’s note: as if this is possible!] Anyways, after finishing [some of] the marking I decided to do some research for an upcoming […]

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