Pleased To Meet’cha!

Hi! I’m Ross and I am the blog manager for this year.

I completed my Honours B.A. in English through the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am in my first year of the Public Texts program following the Thesis track. I am deeply fascinated by the complexity of issues explored in contemporary popular fiction, with interests spread across YA fiction, speculative fiction, graphic fiction, television, and movies. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I hope to supplement this blog with worthy content.

I am always open to new ideas for blog posts and discussion, so feel free to email suggestions to me at or post a comment.

MISSION STATEMENT, written by Sarah Smith-Eivemark

DON’T PANIC: The Trent Graduate Student Blog has as its goal to foster a sense of community among Trent graduate students and: undergrads, prospective students, clubs and groups, faculty, alumni, and the Peterborough community.

The Trent Graduate Student Blog strives to maintain a positive, constructive atmosphere so that the space is one not only of community, but also acts as a forum in which students articulate and contribute to the Trent experience, academically and otherwise. Here, students can help shape public perception about our school, an institution to which we will all forever be linked.

DON’T PANIC: The Trent Graduate Student Blog is not in competition with excellent publications such as Arthur and Absynthe, or Showcase but contributes to the ongoing conversation. The focus on graduate students sets it apart but also connects it to the wider Trent and Peterborough communities, and the lack of space constraints means that it can be updated more often, in smaller chunks, and offer content that is beyond the traditional focus of other publications. This allows DON’T PANIC! to offer students more space to talk more about internships, theses, favourite pubs, hilarious anecdotes, juggling school, work, and/or children, and what students are reading, calculating, painting, or otherwise engaging, in “spare” time.

2 Responses to “Pleased To Meet’cha!”

  1. Welcome to the Blogsphere from a former Trent student. Good luck with your blog!


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    […] girl (Amanda) with a very different blogging style (you can see her approach to this blog in the “About” section of DON’T PANIC, and how I tried to both honour that style while establishing my own […]

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