Public Texts I: Fall Colloquium

Come and see what exciting lines of inquiry about “texts” and “publics” the students in the Public Texts 2015-16 cohort have been following up.



Tuesday, 15 Dec. 2015 – the P.K. Page-Irwin Room (Wallis Hall 132)

Session 1 (10:30–12:00)

Texts, traces, spaces

Jessica Bosnell, “From Manuscript to Print Culture: Peter Schoeffer and the Printmaker’s Studio (1425-1503)”

Alexandre Dugas, “Scribbling Interrelations, Marginalia and Hypertext: A not so Distant Relationship”

Hunter Haig, “Ring of Fire: The Cottonian Library as Contact Zone and Archive”


Lunch break (Noon–1:00) 

(rsvp to by Thursday, 10 Dec.)


Session 2 (1:00-2:30)

Borders and margins

Heather Kerr, “Feedback from the Fringe: How the Fanfiction Community Fosters Creativity and Influences Mainstream Fiction”

Amanda Edgley, “Taking Literature out of the Margins: Understanding Symbolic and Economic Capital within the Culturally Discursive Literary Award”

Amy Bowen, “The New Canadian Library and the Cultivation of National Literary Culture”


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