Writers Reading – Thursday 15 October – Sean Michaels!

Sean Michaels (US Conductors) reading at Trent Durham at 5 pm and at Peterborough at 8 pm in the Junior Common Room at Traill College, followed by a performance by Trent alumnus Nick Ferrio in The Trend. Come one, come all!

A message from Lewis MacLeod…


Are you familiar with the gratitude hangover?  It operates on principles similar to its more vulgar sibling, the hangover hangover.

The procedure is both elegant and brutal:

A) Do something that is pleasurable and/or pleasant

B) repeat

C) repeat repeat

D) feel yourself embraced in warm glow

Everything goes very well for a while, then at some point (always imperceptible to self, sometimes discernible to others) the thrusters reverse and everything starts working in the opposite direction.  The mechanism of your good feeling becomes the mechanism of your demise.  Powerless, you fight on! Redouble your efforts.  To what end?  You try to feel better and keep feeling worse.

Bluntly, I OD’d on thankfulness all weekend and now I feel terrible. Yesterday, I was prepared to feel grateful for everything (“Oh, toilet paper, so noble, so patient: unheralded sentry of the feast. Your brother got to be seventeen pages of Moby Dick, but are you jealous?  Do you complain?”).

Today, it seems to me we did something both perverse and violent to the vacated cavity of a dead turkey.

Am I alone in this? Does recrimination lurk behind all your good times?

Not to worry, fresh supplies of gratitude are coming.  On Thursday, Giller-Prize winner (Us Conductors) Sean Michaels is in town, pulling a hard-day’s-night double header at both the Peterborough and Durham campuses.   Quintuple frequent flier miles to anybody who attends both.  Sean’s a musician, novelist, music-blogger (Said the Gramophone), newspaper columnist and a founding member of an absurdist improv theatre group.

What have you been doing with your life?

It’s an 8PM start in Peterbrough to give him time to get up here from Trent Durham (where he reads at 5 pm), followed by a special guest, royal-command performance by Trent alum Nick Ferrio in the Trend.  Once Sean’s done telling you what it’s like to play the therein and crawl through the catacombs, Nick will tell you what it’s like to get arrested by Swiss transit cops.

I super duper promise this will be a fun one.  Come early then stay late.  The place will be bursting with smart, cool people.

You have a chance to be one of them.

seanmichaels Nickferrio

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