Who Am I, Who Are You, and What Are We Doing Here?

Ah, the dreaded introductory post! I’m not one for introductions and I’ve been agonizing about it for days. How do I start? What do I say? How do I get people interested? How long can I put off writing before anyone notices? Is there a way that I can get out of this altogether? You know, the usual questions.

Having consumed copious amounts of caffeine and read countless articles on “how to write your first blog post” over the weekend, I think that I am finally ready to give it a go.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Who Am I?

An easy enough question to answer, I suppose, albeit a slightly existential one.

My name is Cindy. I am in my first year of graduate studies at Trent University, where I am enrolled in the internship stream of the Public Texts program, and alongside Alex, my ENGL5901 classmate (please see his very excellent posts on Jurgen Habermas here and here), I will be working on the Don’t Panic! blog this semester. Like most English students, I love books, and I am hoping to pursue a career in publishing after graduation.

Now onto…

Who Are You?

A little trickier, seeing as we just met and all.

You are (I’m assuming) a prospective student, a past or present graduate of the Public Texts program, a member of the Trent University community, a passerby here by way of a Google search, or, most likely, one of my friends or family (Hi Mom!). Regardless of where you’re from or why you’re here, welcome! I hope that you find something pertinent to your interests.

And finally…

What Are We Doing Here?

Well, first and foremost, I am here to offer you insight into the Public Texts program. Over the course of the semester, I will be blogging about some of the readings from our classes, (hopefully) introducing you to some of the students in the program, and answering any questions that you may have along the way.

Given that most of my research involves examining the ways in which the rise of the digital age has created new opportunities as well as new challenges for those involved in the production and sale of literary works at all ends of the spectrum, from authors and publishers to readers and booksellers, you can also expect a lot of posts devoted to discussing the future of the book and new developments in the publishing industry.

Whew! Well, I think that’s about it for now. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! 

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