The Structural Transformation of the Public Texts Blog

Hello friends. Today marks the maiden voyage of what is sure to be many cyber encounters. As luck would have it, you have caught us in a Habermasian state of mind. Collectively, we are the new blogging bourgeoisie, determined to extend the ‘Don’t Panic’ franchise beyond a ‘Sara Absolutist State.’ For years, this blog has been a Sara stronghold, first operated by Sarah with one H, then by a Sara with no H, and now, the day has temporarily arrived where no Sara reigns supreme at all. Sure, the blog remains supervised by Professor Sara Humphreys, but it’s tough to maintain a Public Texts blog completely free of special Sara interest groups.

As our first order of business, we would like to thank Professor Humphrey’s for putting her trust in a ‘Cindy’ and an ‘Alex’; two individuals who do not share her namesake. We endeavor to show the world that Sara isn’t the only name synonymous with blogging: a tall task considering the brilliant job that our predecessor, Sara Gallagher, has done with this site.

Our second motion is to keep the good times rolling which means more academic debate, more expression of related passionate interests, and more emphasis on the professors and students of the Public Texts program that make Trent’s Catharine Parr Traill College special in the first place.

To be honest, when we initially pictured ourselves in the blogosphere, we had grand visions of representative power where our blogs would be displayed “not for but ‘before’ the students.” Now, responsibility has brought enlightenment and we wish to meet our readers on “equal footing.” With this in mind, let us make this space a “sphere of private people who come together [to blog] as a public.” If your name is Sara(h) and can get to a computer, then you’re guaranteed access, but all others are also welcome to take part in some degree of rational thought and reason.

Be assured that, far from being a faceless corporation, this blog is multi-faced dominion that looks to add faces all the time. Interesting people wishing to relate to other interesting people on a purely human level are invited to send their submissions, suggestions or questions to or

In the meantime, we’re not getting too comfortable just yet – we remember the lesson of Conan and NBC. One slipup and the powers-that-be will sweep another Sara right in here. H, no H, an unprecedented three H’s, it makes no difference. The Cindy/Alex era will be over. The ‘re-sara-ization’ of society will begin.

This guy used to have a blog too!

This guy used to have a blog too!

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2 Responses to “The Structural Transformation of the Public Texts Blog”

  1. digital communitas Reply January 19, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    I approve of the non-sara direction, for now.


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