10 Things You Learn in Grad School

Here is a couple of things I’ve learned this year (other than what I have actually learned in class this year):

1.   How to speed read at record time.  Requires intense concentration.  May result in a headache and eye strain, but afterwards you feel like a genius.

2.  How to squeeze comfortably (and elegantly) on a bus full of smelly, talkative B.A. students.

images (3)

3.  How to chat with your friends while talking with your mother and messaging another – and explain to both that you are actually still there and making sense.

4.  Whether you drink or not, you will likely become a beer connoisseur, even if it be a cheap beer connoisseur.  Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice, anyone? 

download (5)

5.  How to dance like this:

6.  How to use chop sticks!

7.  How to incorporate your favourite games, TV shows, and/or music into your final assignments and TA lessons.  Balance the pain with pleasure :D.

8.  How to deal with a power outage on a terribly cold day while coming down with a throat infection.

Bleeding from the eyes after staring at a computer screen for five hours whilst sick.

9.  How to casually analyze the linguistic conundrum that is Ikea.

Confusing Canadians for decades.

Confusing Canadians for decades.

10.  How to value what you had during your B.A. because…

There you go, kids, now get to work!

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