Why Cats?

I am sure they wonder the same thing.  Over the past few years the internet has become a haven for cat photos, video, memes, etc, and, the simple question still remains: why?  What is it about felines that is so . . . uncanny?  They’re cute – that’s a given.  Funny?  Cats are always funny, especially when they are being pretentious and aloof. The internet has personified our furry feline friends. Overall, cats have ‘it.’  ‘It’ being what you need to become an internet star.

For the hell of it – and to lighten things up – let’s look at some famous felines of the past decade.

Starting with . . . the keyboard cat:

And, of course, I can haz cheezburger?, a site solely dedicated to cat memes like this:

I had to put this on this blog.  Once.

I had to put this on this blog. Once. Just once.


Ah. and Bowtie Cat;


The Oatmeal Cat, who is also the star of the latest hit comic, How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You? 


Here is a link to common plots cats use against humans: http://www.catswhothrowupgrass.com/kill.php

What about Jeeves and Wooster cat?:


The Nyan Cat!:

Rockin' a pop tart.

Rockin’ a pop tart.


Ninja Cat:

Which one is missing?  Yes, you guessed it:



Check out this: The Star Article


The cuteness mixed with feline swagger:

Yeh Yeh...

Yeh Yeh…

That’s it, folks.  I just wanted to provide a tribute page to cats.

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2 Responses to “Why Cats?”

  1. Cat memes ease the pain of end of term grading

  2. When you look up cat in the dictionary it says: “it’s all about me”. 😉

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