This Blog is Certified Organic

Past, Present, Future.  That's the motto.

Past, Present, Future. That’s the motto.

So, for all you organophilies out there concerned about the edibility of this blog, please take a deep breath, you too can consume this blog.  The ideas are fresh, not tainted like those polluted ones you digest via other online resources.  Please note I only use fresh ingredients – controversy, GIFs, memes, and a wide vocabulary of every colour.  I also adhere to Canadian standards and make sure that I am writing my blog with kind, down-home, overly-gracious, tone.

Also, I always take issue with where my ingredients come from.  What are my sources standards?  I like to think that my contribution to the blogging world achieves high standards.

Still, my posts can be delicious.  Served hot or cold, as a side dish or main course, my blog can appease your appetites.

Certified.  Organic.  Canadian.  Yums.


5 minutes pass.

Actually, no.  This blog is like a cookie, perhaps an organic cookie from The Black Honey Café in Peterborough.  And Oatmeal, triple-chocolate cookie (white, dark, and milk chocolate cookie) that is spiced with a little nutmeg and cinnamon.  Maybe spiked with some coffee.

5 minutes pass.

Actually, in a way this blog is more of a muffin.  A Morning Glory muffin with all those fruits and fibres.

2 1/2 minutes pass

Perhaps it is more like a buffet of cookies.  Or a sushi bar where you eat confectionary food with chopsticks.  If you’ve never used chopsticks, it can be a little awkward at first.  I guess that is what this blog is – a little awkward at first, but once you’ve got the general idea, you can access the buffet.

Or perhaps its like a selection of restaurants, I’d like to think.  A sushi bar sometimes, grill house others.  Cupcake factory.  Ah, yes, perhaps a homestyle meal.

Let’s loosen up.  What’s served…

Goi cuon, Parma Ham, fettuccine Alfredo, Masala dosa, Vanilla ice cream (or perhaps cookie dough), Fried Chicken, Chili Crab and BBQ pork, Spanish fried rice, and a side of Gelato, Kimichi or Massaman curry, or perhaps just Raman or Dim Sum (with white wine), coffees with Baileys, etc….you finish the list.

Maybe it is a taco?   Maybe its a glass of red wine.

Anyways, its fresh off the press and pure as purified water.

Did I say it was Canadian?  Well, we’re a diverse bunch.

Clearly I’m a little hungry.

Yes.  All that and more.

Yes. All that and more.

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One Response to “This Blog is Certified Organic”

  1. Now I am hungry – thanks a lot.

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