Sara Gallagher


My name is Sara Gallagher and I will be the editor for DON’T PANIC! this year. Currently, I am in my first year of graduate studies at Trent University’s Public Texts program.  I will be working on a thesis throughout the coming year.  My research is focused on two areas: (1) the Digital Humanities, especially as it pertains to the future of education and (2)  American postwar literature. I will be using the connection between the themes of private trauma and public revolution to explore this second area.

I intend to look at how the digital platforms, such as blogs, intersect with larger issues.  To me, blogs functions as a means to communicate and become informed.   My blog intends to inform on several issues, including digital pedagogy in the classroom, my own graduate work on trauma theory, topics that come up in the core courses of my program, my peers’ work, and, last but not least, my work as a TA.

The design of this blog reflects the old press style.  I love old newspapers, including their design – simple black, off-white, and coarse.  By fusing an old style with content that covers current times, I want to show a paradox: how we are always seeking information.  Communication is key to our lives, whether in 1800 or 2012.  We desire to know.

I hope, as the editor of this blog, that my time here will entertain, inform, and enlighten you.  If you have any comments, go for it.

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DON'T PANIC: A Trent Graduate Student Blog

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