The Best Writing Tool Ever

It’s that time of year, when grad students everywhere force themselves to vomit the contents of their brain onto paper in the most eloquent and intelligent way possible. If you’re like me, this process is painful, tedious, and more often than not soul-crushing. Don’t get me wrong, when the paper is done there IS that sense of accomplishment (which I suppose makes it all worth it), but that doesn’t change the fact that in the midst of all the academic writing there is little to no joy… at least that was the case until I discovered Written? Kitten!

What is Written? Kitten! you ask? Well, dear friend, it’s amazing, that’s what it is. See, my writing process is something like the following, except I’m Calvin and the push-up is about half a typed page:



Written? Kitten! gives me (and you!) that reward. For every 100 words you write (you can increase the number if you want), you get a picture of a kitten. It’s brilliant people. I’m going to see if I can write all of my final papers on this thing. Check it out here. You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to “The Best Writing Tool Ever”

  1. This is a great tool…although |I’d rather have a real cookie.

  2. You are tru.thanks for sharing .Keep it up!

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