OMG Hunger Games + Withdrawal Symptoms

About a week and a half ago, I decided to read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. My inner geek was curious because it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a fictional series to the point of obsession (to me that’s the sign of a damn good read, NOT mental instability). Plus I figured that if I was going to take a break from my literary studies, I would feel better about doing so with a novel (because “young adult” fiction is TOTALLY related to the graduate field of Public Texts… right? Right).

Anyhoo, I loved it. Well, if I’m going to be snooty about it (guys, I’m an English nerd, it’s all I’ve got) I think Collins’ story is greater than her storytelling abilities… and by that I mean I think she’s created a world that’s a bit too big and fantastic for her grasp. Too often I found myself distracted from her story by prose that really seemed too simplistic; it’s like Collins’ writing style is morse code (a rather uninspiring combination of dots and dashes), but the message itself has the power to leave you on an absolute adrenaline high for days afterwards… le sigh, I just can’t help wishing that the story and its telling had been better matched. Please feel free to fight me on this (snooty) opinion down in the comments—however be warned that since it’s an argument about the Hunger Games, we’re obviously also going to have to arrange a fight to the death.

This has been my fitness mantra for the past week. Just so my future challengers know.

All that being (snootily) said, respect to Collins for creating a completely enthralling world that had me freaking out among the best of her hardcore fans; in fact, I’m glad I was late jumping on THG-bandwagon because I really don’t think I could have endured more than a week-long wait to see the movie. Which brings us to yesterday afternoon, when I found myself waiting in line with a dear and darling friend to watch one of the first showings of The Hunger Games (SEE MOM I HAVE FRIENDS). We kept our distance from the teenagers that had painted their bodies green (eh?), and managed to score seats exactly in the centre of the theatre (pfft to letting kids have the better seats).

YEAH! I mean... Moving on.

The film was beyond glorious. Suzanne Collins’ story was meant for the big screen, where it takes off, kicks ass, and explores a fully realized three dimensional world that I didn’t want to leave. Yes there are changes and new additions to the plotline, but (in my humble opinion) they’re all for the better. The film adaptation fills in and goes beyond the gaps that exist in the novel, with a cast that fits their respective roles perfectly (Stanley Tucci = gold). I won’t say too much else about the film (feel free to check out the plethora of positive reviews here), other than I left that theatre absolutely PUMPED and wanting more.

But (*GASP*) there IS no more, at least for now. Which is more than upsetting because I AM A HUNGER GAMES ADDICT AND I AM JONESING FOR A FIX, PEOPLE. I am totally going through withdrawal, and it’s producing some socially-embarrassing behaviours. I have listed below a scientifically-determined list of my Hunger Games withdrawal symptoms, so my fellow Katniss-fans can be warned and take comfort in the fact that they are not alone:

1. I can’t help automatically assessing people in terms of whether or not I could beat them as an opponent in a giant arena of death.

2. I have to keep telling myself that my attraction to the fictional teenager Peeta is solely based on his sweetheart personality, and if Josh Hutcherson approached me in real life, I would in no way entertain the thought of making him a man but rather run screaming in the opposite direction.


3. Am deeply saddened by the fact that my hair isn’t long enough for a side braid.

4. I keep checking my mailbox to see if my personal copies of the second and third books of the HG trilogy have arrived–even though it’s the weekend, and I ordered them less than 24 hours ago (pfft grocery budget).

5. Pre-THG, I would have thought the following was ridiculous. Post-THG, it’s AWESOME:


6. Frequently have to fight swells of emotional despair when I realize it’ll probably be at least a whole year before the next movie comes out.

7. Am now desperate to acquire a bow and arrow (and the skills to properly use them). (They would also be highly useful in case of a zombie apocalypse, which I realize is an entirely different genre but I think it’s better to be safe than sorry.)

8. My desire to sleep in a tree is stronger than usual.

9. I keep randomly whistling this throughout my day:



How are you handling your post-Hunger Games experiences? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Responses to “OMG Hunger Games + Withdrawal Symptoms”

  1. I like gale in the books, not in the film. The actor… does not fit the character at all. And we should really stop making teams, its like twilight is dominating all films these days.

  2. First of all, I completely agree with you on the prose. It was very simplistic… I just had to keep telling myself that it is meant to be for teenagers. That being said, the story was fabulous. I hope you enjoy the next two!

    Also, some thoughts (corresponding to your numbered list):

    2. I find Gale (Liam Hemsworth) approximately a million times more attractive. He looks about as intelligent as a rock (I think it’s the far-off stare)… But as long as he keeps his mouth closed, that doesn’t bother me one bit. 😉

    3. ME TOO! I tried, but my hair is too layered now. Sad face. Time to start growing it out!

    4. I also do that when I’m expecting stuff. I think I went to the post office 4 times on the day I was supposed to receive A Dance With Dragons (the post office screwed me over, but that’s a story for another time).

    5. The awesomeness of the books and movie don’t change the fact that the video/song is still COMPLETELY ridiculous, haha.

    7. I, too, am obsessed with wanting to develop mad bow hunting skills. Also, knife throwing and sword fighting. Sword fighting in particular would be useful. Have you read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? If not… You should do that. Now.

    8. Don’t forget a good belt (or three)!

    10. I can’t wait to see the movie… Though, if I come out of it as jacked up as you did I don’t think I’ll sleep for a week… Pfffffffft who needs to get work done?

    • Yeah, I had to keep reminding myself too that it was written for teenagers, but then I’d remember writers for young adults like Madeleine L’Engle and want to scream (like a crotchety old lady) “give kids a bit more credit! They can rise to the challenge of well-written prose, I swear! It’s happened before!” Ah well, I’m still looking forward to reading the next two 🙂

      And to respond to your thoughts haha:

      2. Liam Hemsworth, despite his Australian accent, lost all appeal for me the second I found out he was dating Miley Cyrus. The “intelligent as a rock” comment accordingly rings extra true lol

      4. I used to think Canada Post had a hate on for me. Apparently their hate is non-discriminatory, hurray?

      5. “We found LOVE in the HUNger gamessssss, we found LOVE in the HUUUUN-GERRRR GAMES” – it’s been stuck in my head all. freaking. day.

      7. Adding it to my list 🙂

      8. I was going to use a roll of duct tape, your idea sounds safer.

      10. Let me know what you think when you see it!!

    • I’m three chapters into P&P&Zombies, good to know the action doesn’t fade away!

  3. I am loving the Gale acknowledgements!! THG withdrawals is just the perfect summation to the feelings I am experiencing post-movie. So much so that I’ve spent the entire day reading Catching Fire: SARAH YOU WILL LOOOOOOVE IT. Get as much work as you can done before the books arrive in the mail, because you will be hooked! PS I have P&P&Zombies if you’d like to borrow; it hilariously starts with “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains”

    • bahaha I LOVE that you’ve read Catching Fire, you need to tell me all about it! And yeah, I’m spending today being as hardcore as possible with essays/readings just because I know that when those books arrive, I’m mentally checking out for at least a full day lol. And as soon as you finish PPZ (sounds like an acronym for a STI lol… or is that just me?), I would love to borrow it 🙂 Now the tricky thing will be working all of these novels into my final papers somehow, so while I’m reading them, it’ll be research as opposed to procrastination… challenge accepted.

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