The One, The Only

With the self-inflicted mental torture that I often experience when writing academic essays, you’d think that getting them done as soon as possible would be my main concern at this time of year.

Pretty much.

Don’t get me wrong, Operation Essay Motivation is in full effect, but there’s this one tiny problem: I am drawn to the sun like a moth to a flame, and this past week in Peterborough, the sun has been unexpectedly but oh-so-gloriously shining.

“Guys, seriously, the unseasonable warmth right now is a sign of our impending doom. Guys are you listening? Guys? Guys?”

Yes, global warming is horrifying, buuuuut (I’m sorry Mr. Polar Bear) it does mean that I’ve been able to spend some considerable time enjoying the sun, a drink and good company on the patio of one of Peterborough’s downtown institutions: The Only Cafe. I say “institution” because it’s the one place that I’ve consistently been told to check out since arriving here, by both local Peterboroughians and the imported university population. It’s not so much the food and drink that draws people here (although both are more than decent), it’s the atmosphere. With walls completely covered in photos and paintings that immediately inspire both men and women to grow a beard and don hipster glasses, plus a gorgeous open-air patio surrounded by trees and water, you can’t help but feel relaxed and intellectual here. I mean really, look at this place:

The front entrance.

The patio entrance.

Oh and did I mention that The Gorden Best Theatre is upstairs? There are only two things you need to know about The Only: 1) it’s cash only, and 2) it’s the only place in Peterborough that everyone agrees you need to experience.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go enjoy me some more sun before we all get eaten by angry polar bears.

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