It’s the final countdown! Da nah nah naaah, da nah nah nah naaaaah!

First, my apologies for my lengthy absence from this blog. A week and a bit ago symptoms of what I’m pretty sure turned out to be the plague set in, and I wound up retreating to my parents’ place so I could have people wait on me while I convalesced (and by “wait on me” I really mean “ignore me while I whine and tell me to grow up”).

When my dad presented me with this hat, I knew it was time to leave. Revenge will be mine...

The other reason I’ve been gone is simply the fact that classes are coming to an end, so I’ve had my final presentations and short papers to prep, while also trying to think of research topics for the three final papers that I have to write next month, in addition to figuring out moving/living arrangements for next month when I have to move to Toronto for the start of my summer classes at Humber. Needless to say I’m operating on a higher stress level than usual, but c’est la vie de academe (French? Gibberish? MEH), and I’m definitely not alone in all this.

I have my supernatural friends to help me de-stress.

Idiotic coping methods aside, it is crunch time here in Gradstudentland, ergo I’ve decided to use this blog as a sort of sanity-tracker for the next month or so. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the cruelty of April (BOOM ALLUSION), and I want to make sure that I balance all my learnin’s with some Peterborough joy. For example, today an unexpected check from the government showed up in the mail, and since I’ve budgeted every single penny for the next two months, I decided that this was essentially free spending money for Sarah.

Above: visualization of how my brain interpreted Dalton McGuinty's handout. Except more Canadian-y.

So tonight, when the clock strikes three AM and I still am only halfway through writing a paper on a subject that I only vaguely understand, will I stare blankly at the wall in despair, a lone tear running down my cheek? No. I will instead walk to my closet and gaze at the SUPER CUTE DRESS I BOUGHT TODAY AT SKIRT, a boutique I love in downtown Peterborough. I will then go sit on my back porch because IT’S FINALLY WARM HERE. That being said, I suppose it’s time for me to get back to writing my (last!) short paper. On my porch. Wearing my cute dress. With the below playing in the background. All that is awesome = me.

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4 Responses to “It’s the final countdown! Da nah nah naaah, da nah nah nah naaaaah!”

  1. During the last half hour of my anatomy final at Dal, a student’s cell phone went off and the ring tone was The Final Countdown! It was too perfect for words!

  2. Oh, Sarah, you are definitely all that is awesome.
    And if this song doesn’t get out of my head today, that’s your fault. Pictures of dress?
    It’s finally warm here too – supposed to be 20 tomorrow, but I refuse to put all the snow stuff away yet. That’s just asking for weather regression!

  3. This is the PERFECT song for April !!

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