This is what happens when you let me mould minds:

Remember that post I did a while back, on sketching out my lesson plan for teaching Othello to my first year English students, where if they chose to do a bonus assignment that creatively and critically analysed the play and/or its characters I’d tack on up to 20% to their lowest grade so far (makes for an overall grade difference of up to 3-5%, which some of my students could definitely benefit from)?

WELL IT WAS AWESOME. In my second seminar, most of them submitted scripts that they’d written which re-worked the play or presented the characters in a new light (one had a highly amusing summit meeting of evil fictional characters with Iago as Chairman of the Evil Board, one wrote the “final lost act” of Othello in freaking iambic pentameter, etc.). In my first seminar, most of them posted amazingly ridiculous videos on Youtube. Below is the link to one of those videos, and whilst Dr. Dre and Kanye they are not, IT’S BECAUSE THEY’RE BETTER AND SUPER INTELLIGENT AND HILARIOUS AND I AM SO PROUD:

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5 Responses to “This is what happens when you let me mould minds:”

  1. Way cool!

  2. AMAZING!!! Good work, Sarah!!!

  3. Fantastic!!!!!

  4. you rock.

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