Character Playlist: Sarah from The French Lieutenant’s Woman

I gave a presentation earlier this week on John Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman. While I’m pretty sure that the notes my professor took during said presentation read something along the lines of “she’s a nice kid, but probably eats glue in her spare time,” I hope I at least managed to communicate how cool I thought Sarah was (and not just because we have the same name… well maybe a little bit). She’s this mysterious woman living in Victorian England who knows what she wants and goes after it, but her motives leave you wondering if she’s strong and independent or simply a manipulative, maniacal wench (side note: “wench” is a tragically underused word). I think she’s both, and accordingly put together a playlist of songs that I thought she’d enjoy listening to, because that’s not at all crazy. Here is how I see Sarah, via la musica:

I could totally see Sarah as a huge Joan Jett fan, particularly this track:


If she had an iPod, this would totally be playing as she stared out to sea, searching for that French guy:


Cuz she is, at least after she meets Charles and starts to act differently:


But because I’m not exactly sure HOW to interpret those actions, and I’m sure Charles would agree:


It just seems to be a constant in the woman’s life:


Keeping with the somewhat melancholy but hurray for “girl power” theme:


This would be an appropriate theme song for a Victorian woman who had become a social pariah simply because of her supposed… um… familiarity with male anatomy?


Finally, a song that Sarah (perhaps ALL Sarah’s) seems to channel:


What do you guys think about this kind of character discussion/representation? Should I do another post like this in the future?

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One Response to “Character Playlist: Sarah from The French Lieutenant’s Woman”

  1. I like the idea of showing character through musical choice, nice post. Also the Kills rock my socks.

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