Inner Hipster – Part Trois

Hey kids, sorry for the lack of hipster tunes last week, I was on my way to my cousin’s wedding, of which I will limit myself to saying only the following: an open bar at an Irish wedding is a tricky, tricky game to play. But enough about that, here are some of the tunes I’ve been listening to this past week:

As much as I think Starbucks is the McDonald’s of the coffee world, I do appreciate their free music downloads. Here’s a surprisingly nice track off of Big Deal’s debut album:


The perfect track for romancing that cute punk chick you’ve been stalking lately:


This one just makes me feel cheerful and way cooler than I actually am. Fun fact: “wayoy” is a Jamaican Rasta term used to call people together for joyous celebration. That’s nice 🙂


A newly discovered, wickedly awesome, patriotism-inducing track from one of my fav Canadian indie-rock bands, Yukon Blonde:


Another indie band that does what they do oh-so-well:


I’m a bit concerned about how much I like this group, seeing as the lead singer is still in high school… erm.


And finally, a very good friend recommended Ed Sheeran to me, and not only is his music sweet, BUT RON WEASLEY IS IN THIS VIDEO!


What have you guys been listening to lately?

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3 Responses to “Inner Hipster – Part Trois”

  1. Loving Lee Coulter lately. Check out “I would love”. (“yoga master” and “booty voodoo” are fun too!)

  2. LEGO HOUSE FTW. Glad you liked it.

  3. Reblogged this on The Expendable Citizen and commented:
    As always, I like to post Sarah’s hipster drops…

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