Why I am here:

It’s weird. I’m 24-years-old, and I feel like I’m still a kid. I’m broke, I’m still in school, and I don’t have any real significant achievements to be proud of. Sure, I travelled for a year and a bit (AUSTRALIA AND INDONESIA REPRESENT), and it was definitely an amazing experience for a lot of different reasons, but the entire time I was acutely aware of the fact my life was essentially on “pause.”

Not that I'm complaining or anything.

I started to consider my options. Apparently it didn’t matter that I had pretty much sold my soul to the devil in order to kick academic butt during my undergraduate degree; the best kind of job I could get was slinging various types of beverages. Seeing as I am a hardcore English nerd, however, a career in said beverage slinging was likely to prove unsatisfying. And call me crazy, but I wanted a job that paid more than minimum wage. AND I knew that as much as I loved working with kids, teaching wasn’t for me. So what’s a girl to do?


I needed to be more qualified. Hark, a realization! Grad school was the answer! But what grad school? And what program? I didn’t want just a Masters or PhD in English, because I have parents that have graduate degrees up the ying yang and it got them… into a lot of debt and misery and not much else (so admittedly I’m a bit jaded about the whole getting-a-stable-career-at-a-university thing). I wanted a degree that would get me a JOB. Financial stability! From a career that I enjoyed! Yes! That was the dream!

So I researched. And I researched and I researched and I researched. I then applied to many, many different programs, and I stressed about writing various “Statements of Purpose” (which I’ve come to realize are basically total bullsh*t on paper), and then at the last minute–literally about a week before the application deadline–I remembered something one of my profs had told me at Mount A. It was almost like divine intervention: in a moment of absolute desperation, as application deadlines rushed ever closer and I still felt doomed to a lifetime of beverage slinging, I suddenly remembered a moment with my medieval goddess-like professor (I idolized her, what can I say). In a meeting throughout which I gushed my desire to write an essay that would please her, she mentioned offhand how Trent University had recently developed a unique graduate program that might interest me in the future. That moment cemented itself in my memory, and came to me when I needed it the most.

It's like T-Pain KNEW.

An English Masters degree, but in Public Texts? With a collaborative degree option at Humber, where I’d receive practical training in the publishing industry? AND the chance to do an internship? Where I could POSSIBLY get hired in the future, and if not at least I’d have something KICK-ASS to put on my resume, thus exponentially increasing my employability factor??? SOLD.

So I applied. And I’m here (obviously, duh), learning something new everyday… sometimes it’s related to my courses, a lot of the time it’s related to who I am as a person and what people/life are/is like in general. But that’s a whole other blog post, and I’m struggling for material at this point. Ergo, Busby! Sing me out:

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6 Responses to “Why I am here:”

  1. Great post, love! I like what you’re got goin’ on over here. Also, T-Pain made me giggle. xoxo

  2. INDO ONE LOVE. Also, good job Rogers. I wish T-Pain was there to tell me what to do, besides the greatest love song in the world…

  3. Great post! What’s ‘ying yang’?

  4. Thanks…I needed some ABBA today. Unrepetant cheese rejuvenates the soul.


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