In which I release my inner hipster.

Confession: I think indie rock is awesome. The rockers are often unwashed, mayhap, but ridiculously cool nonetheless. I wasn’t really aware of the whole independent music scene until I spent a year living in Perth, Australia (explains why more than half my fav indie rockers are Aussies), and since then I’ve become one of those people who spend hours searching the internet for new music that I can proudly add to my oh-so-beloved iTunes collection (…yeah, I’m one of “those”). Since starting grad school, I’ve had to make a conscious effort to not allow my inner hipster to get in the way of, oh you know, actually doing the work required to succeed in my program; thus, Saturday mornings are when I indulge my need to find the new music that will help get me through the upcoming week. So before I spend the rest of the day slugging through Goodbye to All That (Professor Lewis, if you’re reading, by “slugging” I mean “ENJOYING TO AN OBSCENE DEGREE”), here’s a brief selection of some of the gems I came across this morning:

(WARNING: some of these songs have *gasp* swear words.)

I have a thing for white boys rapping (they’re so funny!), and add to that mix a very, very strange voice, and you’ve got yourself a new fan (…me. The fan is me.):


Something more upbeat:

The music actually starts at 0:31, and it more than makes up for the lame-o video start:

I want to be a Bangin Rackette:

Party on hipsters, party on:

Basically if you’re a lady and you rock, I have a crush on you:

One of the best songs I’ve heard in ages. Check out the lady channelling all things radical at 0:59:

Heh. Heh heh heh:

Such a good band. It’s now my future goal to have a night half as ridiculous. One must have dreams, right?

Dang she’s cool:

Ok. I’m going to stop myself at 10 links , because I have no idea if I’m just musically indulging myself here (probably) or if people will actually like the stuff that I’m posting (hopefully). Let me know! One of the great things about Peterborough is that it has a pretty sweet music scene, and if people are into it, I’ll defs do my best to get to as many shows as possible. So flood the comment section! Aaaaaaaand go!

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7 Responses to “In which I release my inner hipster.”

  1. Christine Babikian Reply January 22, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Yesss, tongue tied made the list! In conjunction with my CanLit interests (sorry to those I bore while raving about Dionne Brand or Atwood), I love Canadian indie rock bands. Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado are such great talents, so close to home.

  2. Reblogged this on The Expendable Citizen and commented:
    Love this…

  3. Ourobouric hepsterdom, courtesy of the New Yorker nicely parsing Portlandia…

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